Introduction to Machine Learning

An introductory pratical course by Florent Krzakala and Antoine Baker, Ecole Doctorale EDPIF 2019

This is a basic introductory course in machine learning and statistical inference, with an emphasis on simple methods, theoretical understanding and practical exercises. The course will combine (and alternate) between methodology with theoretical foundations and practical computational aspects with exercices in python, using scikit-learn and pytorch. The topics will be chosen from the following basic outline:

Computer requirement

All exercices will be in python. For practical installation, we recommand (especially for apple computers) Anaconda. More precisly, we shall use Python 3.7, with the following modules: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, h5py, datasets, scikit-learn and scikit-image. All these can be installed within anaconda, or with pip.

For deep-learning, we shall use keras (version >= 2.2.4) and tensorflow (version >= 1.13.1) . All the exercices will be given as jupyter notebooks, so jupyter should be installed as well. We will also use pytorch later in the course.

Nota Bene For the Lecture 4, you will need JupyterLab and some additional packages, see the installation instructions.

Lectures topic

Where and when?

Inscription should be made with the “Ecole Doctorale EDPIF” : e-mail

Lecture will be on monday in April and May 2019, in Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, in the physics department, Rue Lhomond, at the third floor. The lectures in will be in room L357 from 9h to 10h30, followed by practical exercices in room L363 and L378.

There will be eight sessions: april 1,8,15,29 and may 6,13,20,27.

A list of references

Need a GPU for computing?

You would like to try deep learning but don’t have a GPU? Or you don’t want to install software on your computer? A great solution is to use the Colaboratory platform from Google: It requires no specific hardware or software!

You can find the CNN example from our own lec 7 here. Additioanlly, the examples of lec 8 are given here, here and here. Have fun modifying them!

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